Cancelling the Voter Registration: A Reader from Indiana Tells Her Story

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Editor’s note: Below, is an article by a reader from Indiana, who tells us about her adventures in cancelling her voter registration. From Bernie, to cancellation—great story. Thank you for the contribution.

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slave boxAnother election year is quickly coming upon us and as usual, the hype started early. I wanted to talk about Bernie Sanders for a second, as he is an interesting candidate this time around. It’s like he is taking all his starry eyed supporters on some magical mystery tour. He has pulled in record crowds of people who are totally stoked with the anti-freedom ideas coming out of the mouth of an openly-avowed socialist. But, I also remember how stoked folks were in 2008 for Obama and look where that got us. The sad thing is that many who voted for him still think he is the best thing to happen since chocolate pudding. And therein lies the biggest problem — people buying into Statism and treating politics like a religion!

I’m sorry to say that, I too, jumped on the Bernie wagon initially and even went as far as making monthly contributions to his campaign for 12 months. For me, it was his stance on GMOs and how our government supports the big corporations and not the people. It was all quite moving and music to my ears. I began to think that a socialist government would surely be better than what we have now. What doesn’t sound good about increased wages, more vacation time, free education, and so on? People would ask me where all this money was going to come from for all this “free” stuff. Like an idiot, I just assumed it would come from military spending (where else can cuts possibly be made?), which surely this great humanitarian Sanders could not possibly support. Oops, wrong! I discovered that Sanders did not oppose, and even supports, our country sending arms, missiles and trillions of dollars to Israel each year. In other words, we’d have another president who would continue allocating our tax dollars as blood money. So where would he get all this money to take care of the American people? It would behoove people to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

My nephew recently had me listen to a radio broadcast called Freedom Feens. They touched on the topic of socialism and brought up some interesting points. Yes, it sounds great to think a country could be able to just take care of everyone and worry about the cost later, but people need to realize that if things go wrong and that ship goes down, everyone goes down with it. They used the example of Venezuela who currently has a severe food shortage. People are starving and are now rioting to try to obtain food for their families. So, what did their government do to “take care of the people”? Well, they made it law that all food is to be given to the State, supposedly to be shared with the people (rationed, if you will). As you would expect, that ain’t happening. Instead, the food is being sold to the highest bidders and even to neighboring countries. So much for socialism! Another really good, and quite humorous point the radio host made was, “What? Do they keep a huge book of checks and balances on each person to keep things fair”? Of course, not. I can say with great certainty, that Bernie Sanders’ supporters have not looked far enough down the road to understand the implications of socialism; rather, they prefer instant gratification.

Just wanted to put that bit of information out there, before going on to explain why I cancelled my voter registration.

First off, anyone who has heard reports of how the voting system is rigged, should not be taking this fact lightly. Anytime you have electronic voting, the probability of voter fraud and the rigging of elections greatly increase. Many videos and testimonies are available to prove that this happens time, and time again. Yes, it is quite corrupt, but what else would you expect from government?

Secondly, we live in a world where essentially eight families are running the show. You know who they are, as do many; namely, because the sadist psychopaths don’t even try to keep it secret anymore. They want it up close and in your face, while they laugh at us. They are the ones calling the shots and those directly below them simply do their bidding (i.e. military, big corporations, governments around the globe). Finally, at the bottom of the totem pole are the tax cattle, although some of the aforementioned groups could be classified as that too. And, when have the voices of slaves ever been of importance to the powers that be? Wow, that would really be insane!

So with all that being said, should I vote in hopes of a better tomorrow? Definitely not. When I read Shane’s article about him canceling his voter’s registration, I was quite delighted with the idea. Imagine the message that would be sent to the powers that be, if thousands would do the same? It beats the hell out of people continuing to lie to themselves in thinking that their vote matters. This game of voting does get interesting, as I watch and listen to people. Everyone is on their high horses while they back the candidate of their choice. Hell, it is no different than two rival football teams coming together for a big game. We’ve all seen riots over sporting events, but folks can’t muster up that same adrenaline for anything of true importance.

I do want to encourage everyone to go and cancel their registration and stop playing the game. Your government wants you to believe you can be part of the solution, but the operative word there is “believe”. To cancel your voter registration, simply go to your county office and make the request.* Once they realize you are not cancelling to re-register in another county, and that you just want to cancel it altogether, you will get some really odd looks. That however is not a bad thing, simply for the fact that you got people to think outside the box for even a nanosecond. The woman who assisted me had quite a puzzled look about her and had to ask why I was canceling. My simple response to her, was because I was free to do so. I also told her that I hoped she would get more of the same requests in the near future. If thousands did cancel, it would send a wonderful message to our corrupt government, as well as to people around the world; we would be showing them that it is possible to dispel the myth of “authority” altogether and re-claim our natural rights. So my vote this year, and forever more, is to not vote!


Edited by Shane Radliff

*[Editor’s note: Liberty Under Attack has put together a PDF explaining the cancellation process in 39 states. Some states have different processes. For more information, click here.]