Author’s Note: To read the original list, please check out Second Realm: Book on Strategy by Smuggler and XYZ. If you’d like to hear our podcasts on the subject, check out #14 and #15.

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The following is a redux version of the “Next Steps” portion of Smuggler and XYZ’s book, Second Realm: Book on Strategy. Overall, the book is fantastic but we both felt this section was severely lacking in quality. Some of these recommendations were redundant, many were badly worded, a couple were later on in the list when they should be towards the beginning, and a few were vague/unclear.

It is our goal to update and improve upon their framework in hopes of giving individuals interested in building Second Realms clear, concise actions they can take to bring their goals into fruition.

  1. Make it your goal to live a culture of liberty; spend your free time building the Second Realm, as well as visibly supporting the autonomy of others, whether that takes the form of mutual aid or vigilantism.
  2. Give up collectivist thought, especially asking for permission and requiring others to support you before you do anything; also give up the quest for philosophical homogeneity. We will always differ in the details (what’s important is the end goal and respect for autonomy).
  3. Practice good security culture in both the digital and physical realms. In the former, start using PGP, I2P, ZRTP, OTR, crypto-currencies, etc.; for the latter, practice being the grey man, driving an inconspicuous vehicle, hardening your vonu home, etc.
  4. There are some physical and digital autonomous zones out there right now. Join them and help to develop their capabilities. If you don’t know of any to join, network with others and form your own; keep in mind, however, whatever reputation you create for yourself is what you’ll be judged by.
  5. Start saving, so you can invest into the Second Realm when opportunities come up. Encourage others to invest and produce within the Second Realm by patronizing their businesses.
  6. Build a position of digital currencies so you can partake in covert commerce (i.e. agorism).
  7. If you are an artist, writer, musician, fashion designer (or whatever), run wild in creating our new culture.
  8. Begin with defining your boundaries. Shun people who actively attack liberty and deny autonomy to others.
  9. Assist your friendly neighborhood proxy merchants whenever possible, as they are your secure gateway to the First Realm.
  10. Support your local avenging angels; worst case scenario, if a temporary autonomous zone was breached by the bludg (police), then the angels would have to be activated in order to recondition the State to refrain from disrupting our peaceful zones.

Parting Thoughts:

This is not an exhaustive list for how to start building the Second Realm. It is merely a beginning point. Develop your own methods in accordance with the philosophical intent of the Second Realm and work with others to facilitate efficacious methods of trade outside the First Realm.

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