Back in the 1960s, Rayo came up with the concept of import-export, a form of one-directional isolation wherein a vonuan can maintain access to the servile society’s open-but-not-free trading centers while denying them access to a vonuan’s home base. Reason being, an alternative economy did not yet exist, and therefore, a lot of necessary products and services were not available in the Second Realm.

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Proponents of Second Realms also saw this as being an issue and came up with a similar solution in how to facilitate said interaction with the First Realm: a proxy merchant, or an individual/entrepreneur specialized in trade and interaction between the realms.

So, what sort of occupations for proxy merchants exist now? In the future? Why is the role of a proxy merchant necessary? And also, what are the significant differences between proxy merchants and Rayo’s concept of import-export?

In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I cover that and more.

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Show Notes:
Second Realm: Book on Strategy
A Servile Society: The Value of Import-Export (Article by Kyle Rearden)