In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I launch a short miniseries to end 2017 and begin 2018 titled “Building the Second Realm.” The idea is to begin this new year with a refocusing on strategies in this pursuit for personal freedom/vonu (becoming as invulnerable to coercion as humanely possible).

In short (I go more in-depth in upcoming episodes), the First Realm IS the statist-servile society. It is the State, those mentally and physically enslaved within the system, it is the infrastructure that exists there—the Internet, “public utilities,” the power grid, the culture, it is everything that makes up that coercive, unethical, and immoral society.

In contrast, the Second Realm is the self-liberationist’s goal of achieving a world, not inside the shell of the old, but outside it and despite the its coercion and outright violence. The idea is to create our OWN societies, vonu minicultures, temporary autonomous zones, permanent autonomous zones, etc., where individuals can truly live free…because, let’s face it: as long as there are human beings, there will always be a State.

What you are about to hear is my discussion with Jamin Biconik. Jamin has been a vonuan his entire life. From his early years, he recognized the control systems in existence and did what he could to avoid them. Now, he is vonuing with a family and is a major part of developing the infrastructure for the Second Realm.

Let’s build the Second Realm.

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