In this episode of Liberty Under Attack, Jason and I begin by providing you with an update on our recent critique of the UnSpun Podcast (episode #92), wherein Jan Irvin and his guests claim that the Bible is Natural Law; we got a response and it appears nothing else will come of it.

Following that, we cover the ridiculously absurd FDA Advisory Report regarding Kratom. In short, the government’s “fears” are so minuscule that its laughable; they also openly admit that at least SOME (if not all) of the 36 deaths involving Kratom were due to bad products laced with government opioids like hydrocodone.

To end on a positive, we discuss a project anticipating the Big Pharma takeover of Kratom called Kratom DNA. Their goal is to sequence the entire Kratom Genome as “Prior Art” to prevent patents–certainly an interesting project that falls under direct action, unlike the American Kratom Association’s emails begging Kratom consumers to lobby the government.

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Show Notes:
The Bible Not Religion, But Natural Law? A Critique of UnSpun Podcast #92
Secret Cold War Tests in St. Louis Cause Worry (The US Government Using Chemical Weapons Against Citizens)