On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we cover relatively new ground–the Bible and Natural Law.

Last week, a Patron patreon posted a link to episode #92 of the UnSpun Podcast, which is titled, “Becoming the Heroes to Our Descendants – A Legacy of Natural Law.” It featured Jan Irvin, Bill Joslin, and Clint Richardson and was released on October 31st, 2017.

In this episode, Jan, Clint, and Bill begin by discussing anarchism–their claim is that anarchy is lawlessness and chaos, yet they try to justify that by saying it is ACTUALLY legalism, or the use of government law to subvert natural law.

They continue by discussing the Bible and how it is in fact THE natural law, NOT a religion as it is so commonly understood. You’ll notice the use of “sovereign citizen” rhetoric by Clint throughout (i.e. the “strawman,” “a vessel in court,” or, admiralty law, as well as the propagation of THE CORPORATE UNITED STATES myth).

Obviously, Jason Paradise and I have some issues with this discussion, which will make up the large part of this episode, along with clips from UnSpun Podcast #92.

We highly recommend you check out episode #92 in its entirety–click here to do so, and make sure to check out the show notes for more information.

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