Another Encounter with the McLean County Clerk…


By: Shane Radliff

June 1st, 2016



I have a bad(?) habit of consistently pestering the McLean County Clerk, ever since I attended a Board Meeting in May of 2015. It ranges from advising her constituents to cancel their voter registrations, encouraging her viewers to create their own freedom NOW by way of The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action, without subjugation, as well as calling her out for misuse of stolen funds from tax slaves regarding a retarded, sponsored Facistbook post (but once you are robbed, does it really matter what the money is spent on, after all?). I suppose this is my version of culture jamming here locally, since I don’t have fellow Champions of Liberty to help me spread the peaceful philosophy of voluntaryism here in Bloomington/Normal.

That said, I came across said Fascistbook post this evening and had to toss in my two cents, only this time was from my personal account, not from one of the various pages I run. Here was the initial post by the McLean County Clerk:

MC 1


MC 3



MC 5


First off, in Image 1, Mrs. County Clerk states, “We didn’t have to turn away any customers.” That is fallacious on its face, considering the fact that she doesn’t serve customers, she serves tax slaves. For comparison, if you were forced to give the mafia your money, it would be incorrect for them to call you “their customers.”

Additionally, I would want nothing more than the McLean County Government Center to be permanently without power. Shut the place down for good, end the endless corruption, and let the Market fix all of things these clowns messed up, the first one being the existence of “government” at all.

Lastly, you can clearly see “sponsored” right below the name of her page. For those who don’t run Facistbook advertisements, that means she is paying them to boost her post. This seems like a bad use of stolen money, completely irrelevant to anything related to the daily (or special) functions of government.

As per Image 2, you begin to see my responses. I obviously encourage her constituents, once again, to cancel their voter registration, this being an obvious exemplification of the reasoning.

In Image 3, she responds for the first time ever (typically, she just deletes my posts). Her response is disconcerting no matter how you look at it: She either loves government SO MUCH that she is more than willing to pay “out of pocket”, or she is being deceitful in the sense that it will, in fact, be paid by way of stolen tax dollars.

As per the latter, I addressed that specifically. Trusting government officials is no different than trusting a rapist–the only difference is that once the rapist violates your self-ownership, the violation is over. Though, when it comes to government, it never ends, even after your dead. I also referenced the indictment of Matt Sorenson, the former McLean County Chairman, who was indicted alongside Navdeep Arora back in January of this year, for allegedly violating Title 18 USC ยง 1343, or wire fraud to be specific. That is a shining example of the local government here–many people complain about corruption, but few, if any other than myself, are calling for abolition as the solution.

That said, I know my sparring with the local government here won’t end anytime soon, yet it is purely for educational purposes. When it comes to a lot of these conversations, you probably aren’t going to sway the beliefs of the person you are engaging with; rather, you are directly addressing the lurkers (those who are reading, but not responding). There is no accurate way to gauge your success, except by maybe tracking the visits to your site, or, if your lucky, one or two might actually reach out to you.

Because, let’s be honest: do you really think Mrs. McLean County Clerk will resign or promote the cancellation of voter registration soon? I wouldn’t count on it.

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