Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: Rape is Bad M’Kay [VIDEO]

By: Shane Radliff

September 13th, 2016


Public schooling is fraught with a seemingly endless number of issues, but higher level indoctrination (college) has one almost unique to itself: that is, the “social justice warrior,” leftist infiltration. Some may say lower level education has elements of both of those, but they are certainly not as prominent.


I began my Adventures in Illinois Higher Education series, completely unbeknownst to me, back in early 2015. It wasn’t intended to be a series, but my journey through this shitty institution has been quite profound; if you’re attending currently, we probably share similar experiences.

I continued the series in hopes of whistleblowing all of the terrible things happening within–most are aware, but I believed one thing was missing: a propertarian anarchist perspective. If one were to pay attention to the media, the majority of events happening at college come from a “social justice,” communistic perspective; certainly not emblematic of anything representing freedom or free markets.

That said, in January of this year, I was “required” to take a sexual violence and alcohol wise course through the university I attend. That article was majorly an investigation into the supposed “regulations and mandates,” with screenshots and short explanations of the more atrocious aspects of the presentation.


I figured it was only fitting to begin this semester in a similar manner; only, in this instance, I screen-captured the entire “training course,” to show you, firsthand, the ridiculousness of the entire process.

I also provide commentary throughout.

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