Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: The First Encounter with Substitute Professor Statist After His Discovery of Liberty Under Attack

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By: Shane Radliff

December 10th, 2015

you pc bro

Even while I was still a minarchist, I always despised the cultural Marxism that was running rampant throughout the mainstream media, higher level indoctrination campuses, and within politics more generally. Even while I was still a teenager, I understood the ramifications that this line of thinking could have on every individuals’ freedom of speech. Although, what I didn’t understand then, was the fact that the conclusions arrived at by those folks pushing said cultural Marxism, were founded upon illogical and irrational premises; that, and there are apparent ulterior motives at play.

In this geographical location known as the United States (and even abroad), cultural Marxism is being pushed by at least three different outlets; one of those being the false dichotic alliance between the left and the right, the second being the group known as the “social justice warriors”, and the third being higher level indoctrination campuses.

When examining this unholy alliance, it’s easy to see how it is so effective. It starts with the agenda put forth by those who claim to be “our” rulers; then, the government controlled media runs with whatever ludicrous policy proposed; and it ends with said policy being hammered into the hapless minds of those who suffer through the pointless institution known as college.

That being said, I have been quite harsh (and, rightfully so) towards my professors and the agendas they are pushing; some may truly believe in what they are saying, and some may just be conforming to the college climate—although, the reasoning behind their thought process is a moot point, especially when considering the deadly communist agenda being pushed inside the walls of college campuses, that I have personally borne witness to and have reported in previous editions.

More specifically, I have had some choice things to say about Substitute Professor Statist (SPS) in the two latest editions of this series. I find his focus on “racial issues” reprehensible, his “cuddling up” to the actions and agenda of the Black Lives Matter protesters to be despicable, and his promotion of the political means being similar to the naiveté experienced by a child writing a letter to Santa Claus.

Nonetheless, SPS found the Liberty Under Attack website a week ago today. Thanks to StatCounter, I am confident he read the two articles that specifically addressed him, so this final class in just under two hours is sure to be interesting. Granted, it is just the final, so I’m doubtful he will find the time to confront me, but it’s always best to be prepared for whatever outcome may arise.

As far as I see it, there are three possibilities:

  1. SPS will hand out the final, I will take it, and leave without a word being exchanged;
  2. I always arrive to class early, so there is a possibility that he will confront me before the exam begins; and,
  3. Before SPS hands out the final, he will single me out in class.

I can’t say I would be disappointed with any of these outcomes, so it appears I win no matter what. The way I see it, it would be beneficial to remain “grey” to the rest of the class, but a confrontation sounds far more exciting and article-worthy to me.

To conclude, today is the last day I will ever step inside the halls of Heartland Community College, so I can use this as a learning experience. I will have to take extra precautions come next semester, as being found out early on could jeopardize my chance to get that “magic piece of paper.”

If something interesting happens, you can expect another article today; if not, then this series will return in January.

Author’s note: I just returned home from class; SPS didn’t say a word to me, although, I might have sensed a bit of tension.

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