Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: My Sociologist Justice Warrior Teacher is a Commie

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By: Shane Radliff

August 25, 2015


Education is extremely important throughout the life of any human being. We are born with critically thinking brains and most everyone strives for knowledge, in whatever field of study interests them. The critical thinking skills of humans have derived technological innovations, philosophical principles, and have equipped us with survival skills and the ability to problem solve, among other important things.


cultural marxism

That is, until urbanization and the adoption of public schooling into the geographical area known as America. Urbanization has removed humans from nature, stripping the majority of basic survival skills and public schooling has destroyed critical thinking and is the main cause for the new-found longing for socialist and communist ideals in America.

The deadly ramifications from public schooling aren’t escaped when one graduates high school and moves on to higher level indoctrination—it is commonly known in libertarian circles, and also from my own personal experiences, that the destructive, leftist ideals only become more aggressively pushed at the college level.

For those who are unaware, I am in the last semester of my second year in college. Currently, I am attending a community college and will transfer to a four year university early next year to study journalism and public relations. As you can tell from the introduction (and throughout the rest of this article), I have a high-level of hatred and concern regarding public schools, and with good reason. The only reason I am attending is to get the magic piece of paper, and to secure a job working for my father, when he opens up his distillery.

Last semester, I had a couple of interesting experiences in my higher level indoctrination classes. The only one I have written about up to this point, was when a young commie advocated for mandatory breathalyzers in every vehicle to act as a deterrent for drunk driving, during one of her speeches.

From three class periods of this semester, I can already see that this series is going to grow exponentially. Currently, I am taking American Government and Politics, Philosophy 101, and Sociology 101.

I have already heard my American Government and Politics State propagandist, mention that “Donald Trump is a libertarian”, and “Rand Paul is an isolationist.” Additionally, I have heard some truly outrageous things from my Sociologist State propagandist and those are the experiences I intend on divulging to you, the reader, in this article.

I’m still not quite sure why I chose sociology, and I surely regret my decision; especially after today’s indoctrination workshop.

The teacher of the class (whose name I will withhold for privacy reasons), is an ex-cop that hates cops. Apparently, she filed a lawsuit against a local police department for sexual harassment and has disliked the extortionists ever since.

Continuing on, at the end of the first class, she said something along the lines of, “We have been indoctrinated, brainwashed, to be extremely judgmental of anything outside of the norm [she’s referring to transgenderism, homosexuality, racism, etc.]. In this class, I will push the boundaries. You may feel uncomfortable, but that is not a bad thing. I will assist you in dispelling your preconceived notions and start helping you view the world in a different way.” [Author’s note: Added for clarification]

In the following class, she introduced us to sociology. There was one PowerPoint slide in particular that really stood out to me.

On the left side, it said, “You”, “Restart Your Mind”, and “Beginner’s Mind”, from top to bottom.

In the “You” section, it stated that “we” have preconceived ideas, “we” are ethnocentric, biased, and that “we” have conformed to social norms based off of our life experiences.

The “Restart Your Mind” section stated that “we” may experience “culture shock”. It also mentioned that the goal is to force us to look at the world through “new eyes”.

Lastly, the “Beginner’s Mind” section, stated that, with this new mind, “we” will be: “accepting and ready”.

At this point, I feel it is necessary to clarify my position. As far as for homosexuality, transgenderism, and things of that nature, those are personal choices. As someone who holds the twin libertarian axioms in high regard, personal choice issues warrant no opinion from me, although, I tolerate those ideas; I do not accept them.

Continuing on to the hellish class period I had to experience today, the next subject was “1700-1800s: The Age of Enlightenment”. My frustration built up quickly, as I saw Karl Marx’s face on the first slide.

Before she started her Marxist worship, she discussed “Society” and “Social Institutions”. She provided an example of how “we” classify and group individuals based off of race, gender, money, age, etc. She chose the example of race. She referred to the U.S. Census Bureau, on classifications of race, and the term “black” came up.

She then said, “I know that that term is offensive to some. For those of you in here, does the term ‘black’ offend you? Please tell me, I don’t want to offend anyone. ‘Black’ or ‘African American’?

One of the student’s then asked, “What is the politically correct terminology?” At this point, I was cringing.

And of course, the cultural Marxist went on her little rant about what is politically correct, and apparently, she was taught that both terms were.

She then mentioned Rachel Dolezal, the white lady that “changed races”, to become the President of the Washington State NAACP chapter. The Statist propagandist said, “She used her [white] privilege to change races and gain that position.”

Hey, at least it took two full classes for her to mention privilege. She must be feeling “white guilt”.

After that discussion, we arrived at the Karl Marx slide. The first bullet point said, “Economist” and I almost laughed out loud at the absurd identifier. It all went downhill from there.

After wrongly labeling him an “economist”, she went on to state, “Karl Marx is a communist.” The fact that she feels the need to mention that in a college classroom, shows you how great public education is at “educating”.

Interested in seeing where this lecture went, I continued to listen intently. She went on to state that, “Communism is truly a great idea. For example, if I have a pie, I would cut it equally into 20 pieces and we would all get a slice. Doesn’t that sound great? The only problem is that human nature comes into play. That, and governments decide they want 50% of the pie, and the people split the remaining 50%.”

At that point, my anger rose furiously, although, I controlled it; I still need to get a decent grade in this class. I wanted to say, “But Mrs. Doe, did you know that 260 million people were killed by way of democide in the 20th century, and the majority of that was done under communist regimes? Do you really think it is worth the risk, once again?”

I also wanted to debunk communism in its entirety. I wanted to bring up Ludwig von Mises’ Human Action and mention that communism has never solved the economic calculation problem, and that only a truly free market could do that.

I kept my mouth shut though. I feel a little regret for doing that, but there will be plenty of opportunities to rebuke her nonsensical arguments.

She went on to praise Marx’s Conflict Theory and continued to show her hatred of capitalism by blaming everything on the rich. She prefers a re-distributive model, whereby everyone is equally impoverished and controlled by a dictatorial regime.

Already, I have seen the State propagandists misusing and misrepresenting the philosophy of libertarianism, political correctness run amok, and the indoctrination into the deadly communist ideology.

As you can tell, this is going to be one hell of a semester.