Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: Can My Professors Stop Quoting Marx?

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By: Shane Radliff

October 16th, 2015


“Socialism has scammed the oppressed peoples of the world into believing that socialism offers them relief and a future utopia upon this earth; and it is a lie.” – Bill Cooper, “The Truth About Socialism” (March 21, 1996)


teacherI’m now halfway through the semester and some days are better than others; one day, you will hear your teacher advocate for communism and praise Marx; the next you will be lost in an extended conversation about “Bronies”; and when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t: race and gender are (allegedly) social constructs.

You may be asking, “Well, what are the good days?”

The answer? When class is cancelled.

Due to the unbearable circumstance I find myself in, skipping class is far too easy and it is reducing the number of reports that I am able to provide. I apologize in advance, but unless you have attended college as a voluntaryist, you would be hard-pressed to understand my current situation. Nonetheless, midterm grades came out. With a complete lack of interest and studying for exams, I was able to obtain two “A’s” and one “B”. The “B”, being in American Government & Politics—I guess he didn’t appreciate my responses to the two essay questions, where I basically called his profession into question.

Without further ado, I present you with the newest edition of Adventures in Illinois Higher Education.

I strolled into American Government & Politics Thursday morning, feeling quite refreshed from a closer-to-full night’s sleep. I had a delicious cup of coffee and was ready for what higher level indoctrination had to offer today.

Professor Statist arrived and apologized for cancelling class on Tuesday; surprisingly, not a single student seemed upset or angry for the interruption in their overpriced “education”. He went on to state that he didn’t have the most recent test, event paper, or introduction to our term paper graded, even though midterm grades were due in roughly 14 hours. As usual, with every single fucking class, I got my dose of “current events”: the reprehensible news cycle. The main topic of discussion was the dog and pony show, more commonly known as the anti-democratic Democratic presidential debate.

For once, I actually watched the entire debate, and it wasn’t for the illogical, nonsensical policy propositions posed by the aspiring presidential rulers. The reason I watched was for Christopher Cantwell’s commentary—with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on stage, you are guaranteed entertainment, especially when they discuss all of the “free” things they plan on giving away, all funded by taxpayers and borrowed money from the unborn citizenry, of course.

The first comment made was by one of the mindless, obedient little commies. He brought up one of the lackey’s closing statements, which was something along the lines of, “Here at the democratic national debate, we didn’t make racist or sexist comments, or spout hatred towards minorities…” That may be true, but as democrats, one of the positions they must hold is “equality”, even though egalitarianism is a revolt against nature.

Having listened to the entire debate, I expected a windfall of statism to start pouring out of the orifices of Professor Statist and the obedient little socialists, but it was actually rather mild, considering the subject matter.

The subject of Hillary Clinton came up, and me being the optimistic person I am, hoped that someone would mention her war-hawking and socialist skid-marked underpants, but I was surely disappointed. Instead, one of the young, obedient socialists remarked on her ability to handle the recent scandals as well as she has. Accountability really doesn’t matter to these fucking people, unless it’s in regards to the “other party”; not that it does for me either, but at least my beliefs and viewpoints aren’t influenced by which way the wind of political expediency blows.

Professor Statist responded to the obedient socialist’s comment and said, “It’s Hillary’s to lose. If she keeps herself in the clear until 2016, she has a great chance of winning.”

This discussion continued for 10 or so minutes, and this rampant expression of partyarchy, which included over half of the classroom, made me cringe; rather than caring about freedom, they would rather discuss which ruler best suits their violent, thieving agenda.

Professor Statist then brought up Bernie Sanders and that he is an openly-avowed socialist. To my surprise, he stated that socialism has had its downfalls, but the “key” is to find the ideal centrally planned economy; the perfect blend of socialism and capitalism (as if the spontaneous order of the Market could ever be “equitably regulated” by the State). He then paraphrased Marx and said, “Capitalism inevitably falls into socialism.” This reaffirmed my previous conclusion: Professor Statist is not an economist, much less an Austrian one.

Class formally began and the topic for the next few classes is, “The Constitution and Bill of Rights.” That announcement brought me sheer excitement, the reason being, I’ve already witnessed his inability to remember what the 14th amendment entailed (I had to help him out).

According to him, the three things the Founders considered when they drafted the Constitution were:

  1. Human Nature: Are people inherently good or bad?
  2. Political Conflict: What are the political conflicts?
  3. Role of Government: What is the proper role of government?

As usual, my anarchist fire alarm went off.

First off, whether human beings are inherently good or bad is a non-issue. If they are “good”, then there is certainly no need for government, and if they are “bad”, then the last thing anyone can afford to do is put terrible people into positions of power, to unleash their statist wrath onto the populous by way of instituting the most violently coercive monopoly in the history of mankind, which is the State.

Second off, if the myth of “authority” is dispelled, then there would be no such thing as politics, and taking this to its logical conclusion, there would be no “political conflicts.”

Lastly, there is no proper role for coercion and initiatory violence, which is what the State inherently is.

He then discussed something called, “The Madisonian Model”, and its conflict with traditional democratic theory. The only two points covered in class were the limiting of majority rule and direct participation.

That concludes American Government and Politics, the study of the most dangerous superstition by conveniently making false assumptions about the nature of politics, which An Illusive Phantom of Hope easily dispelled.

Next was philosophy.

I entered class about 15 minutes early, and spent that spare time reading a bit of Murray Rothbard’s, “The Ethics of Liberty”.

Class started and my professor gave us back our test grades and told us a bit about what to expect for this next segment of learning material. To my surprise, utilitarianism is actually a philosophy that will be examined, along with Plato, John Stuart Mill, and Immanuel Kant.

It will be interesting to see where this next month or so goes. I also plan on divulging more of my anarchist philosophy to my teacher in a private setting. I am still going as “grey man”, but from what we have discussed so far in class, he is aware of much more than any other “educator” I have come across, and he has spent his entire life in philosophy. More updates on that momentarily.

I’m eagerly awaiting something to critique about this professor, but up to this point, there is absolutely nothing.

That concludes my uneventful week in philosophy.

This week in sociology…

Thankfully, class was cancelled on Tuesday and I skipped class on Thursday. For some extremely “odd” reason, I just couldn’t deal with her shit that day. I struggled through the aforementioned experiences in American Government & Politics and my desire for witnessing the open advocacy of communism and cultural Marxism was running low.

It was a good week in sociology, and yes, this is probably the only time I will ever say that.

The title of this edition of AIHE will also be the lead of the conclusion: “Can my professors stop quoting Marx?”

If they were quoting Marx to discuss how the Austrians have debunked socialism and communism, by way of the economic calculation problem, that would be a different story; but they aren’t. They are quoting Marx for the purpose of pushing an anti-free market, communist agenda that will lead the peoples of the world into despotism and democide. That is inhumane and something I cannot morally live with.

One semester away from my Associate’s Degree, and I have already witnessed everything imaginable. What’s even worse, is that this is happening at a community college. I haven’t even stepped foot inside a university yet and the higher level indoctrination agenda is loud and clear, for all with a brain to see.

If you’re attending for the reason of getting your “magical piece of paper”, then more power to you; but if you’re attending to learn something, then your head is so far up your ass I don’t think it’s possible to find it.