Adventures in Illinois Higher Education: Bomb Threats, Teacher Strikes, & “Black Lives Matter”

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By: Shane Radliff

November 24th, 2015


safe spaceThe amount of insanity that I have endured this semester is far more than I would have ever imagined. I have two days left of class and then I can put this semester in the history books, although, my journey through the crazy, progressive minefield is but halfway through. As has been the trend in previous editions, social justice will be prevalent in this one as well, although “we” will examine a couple of new elements that were brought up in class.

Before I move forward, I would like to provide some closing thoughts on this semester, what I have learned from my experiences, and why this series is crucial for your understanding, if the goal of freedom is to be achieved.

Even before I was interested in politics, I was well-aware of the prominence of the progressive agenda within the walls of higher level indoctrinated campuses. That being said, at that time, I still considered college to be important and beneficial in some aspects. Obviously, that is not the case anymore.

I witnessed the worthlessness of college firsthand and can easily tell that the overreaching goal is social engineering. That being said, there are only a couple of classes that were neutral (neutral meaning, the propagandizing was minimal): philosophy and speech last semester. The rest of my higher level indoctrination was filled with social justice, communism, Keynesian economics, more generally, and the excessive worshipping of the deity known as the State.

I also fear the up and coming millennials. The damage they are inflicting can already be seen, and it comes in the form of cultural Marxism. A number of colleges have discussed the implementation of “safe spaces” for the easily offended, and one even pondered the implementation of “gender-neutral pronouns”; that is, until a shit storm of negative press stopped that idea in its tracks (for now). Additionally, the use of government violence to silence opposition is an integral part of their strategy; the newest development being a recent study done by PEW Research, which showed that 40% of millennials want the State to censor hate speech.

As George Carlin would put it, the “pussification” of society-at-large is progressing at an ever-increasing rate. Before “we” know it, calling someone a “nigger” on Twitter will be a jailable offense and freedom of speech will be gone in a cloud of “gender-neutral” smoke.

If the goal of freedom is to be realized, the social justice warriors need to be stopped in their tracks. Although, with their hatred and irreverence to logic and rationality, Champions of Liberty will have to get creative with their strategies and tactics in reaching that intellectually ignorant segment of society.

Before I move forward to the happenings this week in class, there were a couple of interesting events that happened.

First off, on November 17th, the Heartland Faculty Association filed a 10-day Notice of Intent to Strike with the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board. Issues specifically mentioned were the amount of money spent to remove dead trees on campus (no joke) and a 4.75% pay increase. Heartland has offered them a 1% salary hike, but that is apparently not enough.

Come to find out, “The average salary for FY 2015 for full-time, nine-month faculty [at Heartland Community College] is $62,948.” So let me get this straight: based off of the average salary, that is roughly $6,994.22 a month—that seems decent to me, considering the three month summer vacation. Additionally according to Payscale, the median income for college teachers in the United States is $47,209 and the highest is roughly $73,447.

I’m struggling to figure out what the issue is here, as these are community college teachers whose salaries are in the upper 90th percentile.

Now, in a free market, teachers would be paid what they’re worth, and from my experiences at HCC, I’ve rarely had even a decent teacher. Unfortunately, in this subsidized union, quality isn’t a factor.

Here’s a suggestion: for all of you teachers who think that you deserve to be paid more, venture out into the free market (or, what’s left of it) and let the consumer decide your worth. Although, I won’t hold my breath; most of these teachers wouldn’t survive the free market.

Continuing forward, last Thursday was an interesting day in Central Illinois. Before I explain what happened, let me provide some context. I started my college career by taking online classes at Parkland Community College, which is about 45 minutes away from where I live. I then decided to take on-campus classes and transferred to Heartland Community College. I am currently spending my last semester there, and will attend Illinois State University (ISU) in January.

That being said, I was in sitting in Sociology, waiting for class to start, and a news story kept popping up on my Fascistbook newsfeed. Surprisingly, Parkland was evacuated early in the morning due to a bomb threat posted on social media. I didn’t think much of it, as that has no impact on me. Fast forward to later that evening, and apparently there was a “suspicious piece of mail” sent to a political science professor at ISU. One building was evacuated and the bomb squad performed their search and nothing came of it.

After hearing about both of those incidents, I proceeded to advise my fellow peers and Normalites (people of Normal) about their failure to properly assess risk. The Fascistbook post is below.

FB Post Bomb Threats

I’ll conclude with this: before I even get to the happenings in class, you can already see that it was a very interesting week in Bloomington/Normal.

This Week in American Government & Politics…

As I covered in the last edition, “we” have been graced with the presence of Substitute Professor Statist (SPS), an African-American who is unable to make it through any class material due to his constant irrelevant tangents (not that I’m complaining, it’s just the truth).

Class started, as always, with a discussion on current events (otherwise known as the bane of my existence). The dialogue began with another one of Donald Trump’s comments, this time regarding a Black Lives Matter protestor, Mercutio Southall. Trump stated that, “Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

At that point, SPS went on a rather minor tangent (surprisingly), and proceeded to let the class know about his hatred of Trump. He is concerned about Trump’s desire to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans, his inaction to assist the Syrian refugees, and also his narrative towards minority groups in general; overall, he’s concerned about the possible balkanization and another internment camp, much like those Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War 2.

Before moving forward, he concluded the Syrian refugee discussion by saying (and I’m paraphrasing), “If you don’t want to help them, leave,” comparing them to the immigrants that founded this country.

As you can expect, the tangent this time was completely unrelated and delved off into racism, once again. He mentioned a circumstance involving his son at school, where a white kid didn’t want to play with his son because “he was black.” I find that a little hard to believe with the acceptance/tolerance of blacks in today’s society, but I’ll take him at his word, due to the impossibility of either confirming or debunking his statement. SPS was disgusted and thinks the parents should be held accountable. In a surprising turn, he compared that to a student shooting up a school and came to the same conclusion: the parents should be held accountable (because why in the hell would anyone take personal responsibility for their actions?).

The rest of the class comprised of more discussion about racism and a consistent attack of right-wing candidates. At first, it was interesting that he only attacked the right, but never the left; that is, until he praised Obama for being the “most intelligent President.”

To conclude, it’s not surprising that he defended the Black Lives Matter protestors; it was even more unsurprising that he had the audacity to spout off the false claim that blacks are killed by cops more than whites. Although, what else could you possibly expect from an NPR listener and adjunct college professor?

That concludes American Government & Politics for this semester.

This Week in Philosophy…

I would like to congratulate this professor for not making the shit-list. It was a bearable class and some of the readings were quite interesting. Thank you, sir, for not: promoting communism, praising Karl Marx, or discussing social justice/racial issues. Here is me patting you on the back.

That concludes Philosophy for this semester.

This Week in Sociology…

Speaking of the aforementioned “shit-list”, my sociologist justice warrior teacher easily takes the cake.

As I mentioned in the previous edition of AIHE, she is now unable to praise communism due to the course content “we” are currently covering; that being said, something extremely interesting came up in class this past Thursday.

“We” were covering inter-faith marriages, the financial costs of parenting, and other issues involved with parenting. I was not surprised to see the peaceful parenting narrative overlap with what was being taught in class.

For the sake of accuracy, I’ll give you the exact bullet points on the PowerPoint slide:

Problems with Spanking

  • Aggression breeds aggression
  • Lessens affection between parent and child
  • Teaches children to hit
  • Parents who were spanked are more likely to spank
  • Spanking can escalate into physical abuse

From Liberty Under Attack’s interview with Kal Molinet on the subject, at least 4/5 of those, are specifically mentioned within the peaceful parenting (PP) narrative.

Prior to this class period, I was skeptical of PP, mainly because it is easily something the State could pick up and use to further the elimination of the family; what I mean by that, is they could use it as an excuse to pass anti-spanking laws, as 47 other countries have done, which would then translate into more children being picked up by child protective services for supposed child abuse.

Following this class period, I am even more opposed to PP, and here’s why: if my communist sociologist justice warrior teacher agrees, it’s certainly not something I want to be involved in.

The class concluded with a section on dispelling myths about single mothers.

The next slide stated:

  1. Most [single mothers] are employed
  2. Most are not in poverty
  3. Most don’t have Medicaid
  4. Most pay for own food
  5. Most are older than 40
  6. Most have one child

She told us that we didn’t need to know the percentages for the final exam and now I’m kicking myself for not writing them down. I’m sure I could find some more flaws in her statistics, but without the percentages, the probability of accuracy decreases so I will abstain.

All we have left is a final exam on the 2nd, so that concludes this semester of Sociology.


This semester of AIHE yielded six articles in the series. They are as follows:

My plan is to continue this series for the final two years of my attendance, only I would expect there to be fewer, longer reports for next semester, considering the full class schedule (in other words, I’ll be busier).

All of these reports thus far have been strictly at the community college level. That being said, ISU is outright progressive (as most are); I’ve taken notice of Bernie Sanders rallies, pro-Planned Parenthood rallies, and a number of other things that I will have to encounter while attending.

My overall goal for the coming years is to do more on-the-ground stuff. For example, rather than writing as many articles, I want to interview Bernie Sanders supporters or advocates of Planned Parenthood.

Nonetheless, whether it’s in article or video form, “we” can surely look forward to what is to come. Get ready ISU: Liberty Under Attack is coming for you.