Quote of the Month, December 2016

Liberty Under Attack has always taken a hardline stance against reformism (i.e. working within the system) and for good reason. The situation “we” find ourselves in today is the result of compromise after compromise, and betrayal of principles over and over again. That said, a few months back I was watching an interview Kal Molinet conducted with Jeff Deist, the President of the Mises Institute. I enjoyed the discussion, but near the end, Deist made an extremely profound statement, and one that I agree with wholeheartedly. Politics has never and will never set the slave free; it’s time for direct action. Please enjoy this quote of the month and feel free to submit future ones.


“I think that from a long-term, tactical perspective that the more principled, the more radical libertarianism is, the better chance it has of ultimate success.”

-Jeff Deist