What Can I Do?

what can i do now

For the majority of people that visit this site, they are already well aware that there is something very wrong in this country and in the world. One of the first questions that are always asked is,  “What Can I Do?” Well, this list is chock-full of suggestions for our readers and listeners.

  1. First off, share Liberty Under Attack with your friends and family. Everything we post is documented and sourced and there’s information for people just beginning their research or people that are farther along.
  2. Talk to people. Tell others the truth about what’s going on around them. You don’t have to be an expert. Start with a few facts learned here or through your own research efforts. Don’t scare away your friends and family. What you learn and want to share is so foreign to 90% of Americans that they will overdose on your first stories and unplug from future engagements with you on these subjects. Share a little at a time, use the links provided, and generate curiosity. Make it about them, their kids, and their future. Take it from the abstract to their real world.
  3. Consider not voting for a President. Take it one step further, and consider cancelling your voter registration altogether. (For information on your state, click here) We’ve had the same two parties in office, basically since the inception of this country, and things have only continued to get worse. Both sides are anti-freedom, immoral and unethical. Regardless of what you hear, your vote DOES NOT matter. In the words of FDR, “Presidents are selected, not elected.”
  4. Buy locally. Support local businesses. While multi-national companies drive down the price of goods to the consumer, there’s also a huge price to pay for local economies. We prefer to buy locally when possible and support others like us. Sadly though, it holds true that for economies such as gas, food, and water, they are owned majorly by the companies or parent companies. We must at least try.
  5. Consider encryption. While the NSA could still potentially break through it, the goal is to make it as hard as possible for them to invade our privacy. We personally recommend Jitsi or Pidgin. Jitsi comes with ZRTP (Zimmerman Real Time Protocol) and OTR (Off the Record) preinstalled, which will encrypt VOiP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and your instant messaging. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) will encrypt your email. Pidgin requires some technical work, but it is also an option.