GhostPhone (DeGoogled Pixel 4a Privacy Phone with CalyxOS)


(Hardware hacked by our good friend, Jamin Biconik!)

Excellent condition Google Pixel 4a with ‘A’ grade displays that has been modified by replacing the operating system with CalyxOS.

CalyxOS is a free and open source alternative to Google’s Android. Unlike Google’s Android, which is designed as a data collection and surveillance tool, CalyxOS is designed to respect its user’s privacy. CalyxOS contains the positive aspects of Android without the Google malware. It doesn’t contain the ‘Google services’ built into every standard Android product that tracks your location and monitors your activity. CalyxOS has been designed for ease of use and ease of transition from the Google (and Apple) surveillance grid.

All the included applications are privacy respecting. The Fdroid app store contains privacy respecting alternatives to many popular applications and services. The Aurora store gives access to Play store applications and if google services are needed they can be run through the optional ‘MicroG’ app. The Powerful Datura Firewall app controls what apps can access the network.

To learn more about the GhostPhones/Jamin, check out episode #139 titled, “GhostPhones & The Expansion of the Digital Second Realm.”

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