Advanced GhostPhone (Google Pixel 4A Privacy Phone with Graphene OS)


Excellent condition Google Pixel 4a with ‘A’ grade displays that has been modified by replacing the operating system with GrapheneOS.


GrapheneOS is a private and secure mobile operating system with great functionality and usability. It starts from the strong baseline of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and takes great care to avoid increasing attack surface or hurting the strong security model. GrapheneOS makes substantial improvements to both privacy and security through many carefully designed features built to function against real adversaries. The project cares a lot about usability and app compatibility so those are taken into account for all of our features.

GrapheneOS is focused on substance rather than branding and marketing. It doesn’t take the typical approach of piling on a bunch of insecure features depending on the adversaries not knowing about them and regressing actual privacy/security. It’s a very technical project building privacy and security into the OS rather than including assorted unhelpful frills or bundling subjective third party apps choices.

GrapheneOS is also hard at work on filling in gaps from not bundling Google apps and services into the OS. We aren’t against users using Google services but it doesn’t belong integrated into the OS in an invasive way. GrapheneOS won’t take the shortcut of simply bundling a very incomplete and poorly secured third party reimplementation of Google services into the OS. That wouldn’t ever be something users could rely upon. It will also always be chasing a moving target while offering poorer security than the real thing if the focus is on simply getting things working without great care for doing it robustly and securely.


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