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only you can prevent statism

Finding truth is tough in our day and age. Here are the few people we have found that speak truth, document what they say, and are doing their part in restoring freedom.

Kyle Rearden from The Last Bastille Blog

Kyle is one of the ones that I will most highly recommend. He covers a wide variety of topics and always bears his burden of proof. His strategies, tactics, and methods aren’t sensationalist, hype-worthy, or hysteria-inducing, but they work. He has shown me how to become a little more free by taking individual actions, such as canceling my voter registration, unbanking, and pointing me in the direction of true patriots. Some factions don’t like him for the truth he’s written about them, and some folks don’t like him because he doesn’t speak in “common man” verbiage. He is extremely intelligent and is well-versed on a wide variety of topics, and has enough articles and book reports to keep even the most available person, busy for a life-time.

Bill Cooper – Radio show host and author of Behold A Pale Horse


The first I ever found: Bill Cooper. There are over 2000+ hours archived on his site and you can find various presentations, interviews, and even some of his shows. He also wrote a book in the 90’s that is known as one of the most popular underground books.

The links to the archives are below.

Hour of the Time Archives

FPRN Radio (Nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion right?)


This next one gives you many great hosts to choose from. FPRN has the BEST hosts that I have been able to find. They all range in their expertise, but it’s all great information. And as you probably well know, you can tune into Liberty Under Attack radio at FPRNradio.com every Sunday at 6pm CST.