Cancelling the Voter Registration: Success in Michigan!


By: Shane Radliff

October 4th, 2016

Cancel Uncle Sam

Cancelling your voter registration is a method of direct action; more specifically, it is a legal remedy that can be used to implement strategic withdrawal. Rather than just being a non-voter or ex-voter, cancellation essentially gives the middle finger to the State and tells them that you refuse to voluntarily participate in this corrupt cycle of subjugation.

Since I discovered and utilized this legal remedy in Illinois, it is something I have put a lot of work into and is also something that I promote often. The next step in the big scheme of things is to prove its efficacy in all 50 states. Up to this point, we’ve successfully confirmed it in three: Illinois, Texas, and Indiana.

Well, as of today, there are now four, thanks to a listener/reader successfully cancelling in Michigan.

If you’re interested in cancelling yours, please view this PDF that I put together which contains the legal process for 39 states.

Below is the redacted proof of cancellation. Thanks to this individual for their service, and congratulations on the success!


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