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February Archives (3 live shows)

March Archives (5 live shows)

  • March 1st (Open Skies Treaty, Global Disarmament Bill, and Serco/Sodexo)
  • March 8th (Communist Takeover of the United States)
  • March 15th (FEMA, Mt. Weather, and Cheyenne Mountain)
  • March 22nd (Current Events, Commentary, and Thoughts)
  • March 29th (Dragnet Wiretapping with Kyle Rearden)

April Archives (3 live shows)

  • April 5th (Geopolitics and Secret Societies with Robert Bruce)
  • April 12th (The Activist Legal Defense Fund Scam with Kyle Rearden)
  • April 19th (Re-broadcast)
  • April 26th (Cancelling the Voter Registration and Depopulation)

May Archives (5 live shows)

  • May 3rd (Protesting Does Not Work)
  • May 10th (Jury Summons and Adventures in Illinois Higher Education – Kokesh No Show)
  • May 17th (Chilling Dissent: How Government Demonizes Americans with Kyle Rearden)
  • May 24th (Not live/Bill Cooper)
  • May 31st (Administrative Agencies, The Fourth Branch of Government with Kyle Rearden)

June Archives (3 live shows)

  • June 7th (Re-broadcast)
  • June 14th (The United Police States of America)
  • June 21st (Spreading Anarchy with Kal Molinet)
  • June 28th (Role-Playing Police Interrogations, Arrest Plans, and Anarchist Schools of Thought)

July Archives (3 live shows)

  • July 5th (Re-broadcast)
  • July 12th (The Anti-Libertarian “Libertarian” Party)
  • July 19th (An Illusive Phantom of Hope: A Critique of Reformism with Kyle Rearden)
  • July 26th (Peaceful Parenting with Kal Molinet)

August Archives (5 live shows)

September Archives (4 live shows)

  • September 6th (An Agorist Primer by Sam Konkin Audiobook)
  • September 13th (The Creation of Political Prisoners with Gary Hunt)
  • September 20th (Guests: Comedy with Louie Bee and Encryption/Cryptocurrencies with Marc Wood)
  • September 27th (Philosophy and Yaks with Nick Hazelton)

October Archives (3 live shows)

  • October 4th (Reformism, The Free State Project, and Direct Action with Dr. Stephanie Murphy)
  • October 11th (Re-broadcast)
  • October 18th (Anarcho-Islam with Will Coley)
  • October 25th (Objectivism and Polyamory with Lauren Rumpler)

November Archives (4 live shows)

  • November 1st (Re-broadcast)
  • November 8th (A Collection of Spoken Discourses)
  • November 15th (Libertarian Role-Modeling & Political Field Trips with Kyle Rearden)
  • November 22nd (Doom Porn at Local Universities and Four Ways to Build A Free Society)
  • November 29th (Libertarian Roundtable #1 w/ Panelists Nick Hazelton, Davi Barker, Kal Molinet, & Kyle Rearden)

December Archives (3 live shows)

  • December 6th (FPRN Merger with Paul Gordon and Jeff Nyzio)
  • December 13th (Writing Case Briefs and Book Reports with Kyle Rearden)
  • December 20th (Agorism and Other Solutions with James Corbett)
  • December 27th (Re-broadcast)


January Archives (5 live shows)

  • January 3rd (DAS #1: Security Teams and Committees of Safety with Gary Hunt)
  • January 10th (DAS #2: Interview with Metal Band “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help”)
  • January 17th (DAS #3: Financial Independence and Early Retirement with Jake Desyllas)
  • January 24th (DAS #4: Privatizing Security witch Commander Dale Brown)
  • January 31st (DAS #5: Stoicism and the Trivium Method with Nick Hazelton)

February Archives (3 live shows)

  • February 7th (Re-broadcast)
  • February 14th (DAS #6: Non-Violent Communication with Katie Testa and Relationship Anarchy with Louie Bee)
  • February 21st (DAS #7: Agorism with Derrick Broze and Derrick Caperton from King Conquer Band)
  • February 28th (DAS #8: Corwin Bermudez from Anchorlines Band and Free-Range Parenting with Lenore Skenazy)

March Archives (3 live shows)

  • March 6th (50th Broadcast Special, Year in Review)
  • March 13th (DAS #9: Non-Violent Communication and the Trivium Method with Darrell Becker)
  • March 20th (Re-broadcast)
  • March 27th (DAS #10: Vacate the State Manifesto)

April Archives (3 live shows)

  • April 3rd (DAS #11: 3D Printing with Stan)
  • April 10th (Re-broadcast)
  • April 17th (DAS #12: Guerrilla Warfare and Just War Theory with Kyle Rearden)
  • April 24th (DAS #13: Libertarian Roundtable, Government Employment and Ostracism)

May Archives (4 live shows)

  • May 1st (DAS# 14: Freelancing and Entrepreneurship with Nathan Fraser)
  • May 8th (DAS #15: RV Living with Alex Ansary)
  • May 15th (The Concept of “Rights” with Darrell Becker)
  • May 22nd (DAS #16: Eric July from Backwordz)
  • May 29th (Re-broadcast)

June Archives (7 live shows)

  • June 5th (DAS #17: Survivalism with Stan)
  • June 9th (DAS #18: Law in an Anarchist Society and Freeganism with Kyle Rearden)
  • June 12th (DAS #19: Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom, Part 1 of 2 of Audiobook)
  • June 16th (DAS #20: Vonu: An Overall Analysis with Kyle Rearden)
  • June 19th (DAS #21: Simon Jestering with Kyle Rearden and Part 2 of 2 of Vonu Audiobook)
  • June 23rd (DAS #22: School Sucks with Brett Veinotte)
  • June 26th (DAS #23: Comparative Vonu)
  • June 30th (Re-broadcast)

July Archives (7 live shows)

  • July 3rd (Re-broadcast)
  • July 7th (DAS #24: Security Culture with Kyle Rearden)
  • July 10th (DAS #25: Freedom Cells with Derrick Broze)
  • July 14th (DAS #26: Overall Analysis of DAS)
  • July 17th (Black Lives Matter 10 Point Manifesto and Assassination Politics)
  • July 21st (Use of Force Issues within the Libertarian/Anarchist Community)
  • July 24th (Secession)
  • July 28th (Free Market Squad Takeover with Chris Jantzen and Philip Frey)
  • July 31st (Re-broadcast)

August Archives (3 live shows)

  • August 4th (“Why I Wouldn’t Vote Against Hitler” and A Potential Debate Strategy Proposed by George H. Smith)
  • August 7th (Making Money on the Internet and Perpetual Traveling with Pete Sisco)
  • August 11th (Steemit, Cryptocurrencies, and Encryption with Brian Sovryn)
  • August 14th (Re-broadcast)
  • August 18th (Re-broadcast)
  • August 21st (Re-broadcast)
  • August 25th (Re-broadcast)
  • August 28th (Re-broadcast)

September Archives (6 live shows)

  • September 1st (Post-Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest Wrap-up)
  • September 4th (Re-broadcast)
  • September 8th (Microaggressions, Economics, and George H. Smith)
  • September 11th (Re-broadcast)
  • September 15th (Dangerous History with Prof. CJ)
  • September 18th (Re-broadcast)
  • September 22nd (Scientific Consensus, Part 1 with Darrell Becker)
  • September 25th (The Consequences of Equality with Matt Battaglioli)
  • September 29th (The Anarchist Lawyer, Randy England)

October Archives (4 live shows)

  • October 2nd (Re-broadcast)
  • October 6th (Re-broadcast)
  • October 9th (Re-broadcast)
  • October 13th (Anarcon, “Libertarians for Trump,” and Why You Should Avoid the News)
  • October 16th (LUA Radio Special Edition: The “Sovereign Citizens” Are Douchebags)
  • October 20th (Re-broadcast)
  • October 23rd (Oh, You Think Your Vote Matters in a Presidential Election? That’s cute.)
  • October 27th (Scientific Consensus, Part 2 with Darrell Becker and Dr. Stephanie Murphy)
  • October 30th (Re-broadcast)

November Archives (2 live shows)

  • November 3rd (The “Sovereign Citizens” Are Co-opting the CYVR Remedy)
  • November 6th (Re-broadcast)
  • November 10th (Peaceful Parenting Debate: Kevin Geary v. Kyle Rearden)
  • November 13th (LUA Podcast #1: Was Jury Nullification a Factor for C4CF in Oregon?)
  • November 17th (LUA Podcast #2: All Sorts of Nullification with Merrick VanLandingham)
  • November 20th (LUA Podcast #3: “The Gubmint Killed My Vape Business” with Jeff Nyzio)
  • November 24th (LUA Podcast #4: An Interview with James Corbett)
  • November 27th (LUA Podcast #5: Talking Direct Action on the Liberty Lampoon Podcast)

December Archives (8 live shows)

  • December 1st (LUA Podcast #6: Off-Grid Living with Alex Ansary)
  • December 4th (LUA Podcast #7: #CryptoWeek, Part 1 – An Introduction to Crypto-Currencies & Encryption)
  • December 8th (LUA Podcast #8: #CryptoWeek, Part 2 – BipCoin with Michael W. Dean)
  • December 11th (LUA Podcast #9: #CryptoWeek, Part 2.1 – Dot-Bip with Michael W. Dean)
  • December 15th (LUA Podcast #10: #CryptoWeek, Part 3 – The Dark Android Project with Brian Sovryn)(100th Episode)
  • December 18th (LUA Podcast #11: #CryptoWeek, Part 4 – Concluding Thoughts and Future Outlooks)
  • December 22nd (LUA Podcast #12: Conspiracy Theories, Direct Action, & Seasteading on the Seeds of Liberty Podcast)
  • December 25th (LUA Podcast #13: Best of – Dragnet Wiretapping with Kyle Rearden)
  • December 29th (No podcast! Happy holidays!)


January Archives (6 podcasts)

  • January 1st (No podcast)
  • January 5th (No podcast)
  • January 8th (No podcast)
  • January 12th (LUA Podcast #14: Ayahuasca with Macey Tomlin)
  • January 15th (LUA Podcast #15: The Dangers of Egalitarianism with Matt Battaglioli)
  • January 19th (LUA Podcast #16: [Part 1] Introducing the Right to Travel Series with Kyle Rearden)
  • January 22nd (LUA Podcast #17: [Part 2] Infringements on the Right to Travel)
  • January 26th (LUA Podcast #18: [Part 3] Circumventing the Infringements)
  • January 29th (LUA Podcast #19: Living Frugally with Philip Frey)

February Archives (4 podcasts)

  • February 5th (LUA Podcast #20: [Part 1] National Anarchism?)
  • February 12th (LUA Podcast #21: [Part 2] National Anarchism?)
  • February 19th (LUA Podcast #22: Anarcho-Trumpism and the “Deep State” with Aaron Thompson)
  • February 26th (LUA Podcast #23: What is the “Deep State”?)

March Archives (4 podcasts)

  • March 5th (LUA Podcast #24: Social Contract Theory & More Arguments Against Political Action)
  • March 12th (LUA Podcast #25: Libretaxi – A Better Version of Uber & Lyft)
  • March 19th (LUA Podcast #26: The Voluntaryist Comic Book Series with Jaime Sherman)
  • March 26th (LUA Podcast #27: [Part 3] National Anarchism? Troy Southgate Responds)

April Archives (5 podcasts)

  • April 2nd (LUA Podcast #28: Let’s Talk Direct Action – Finding Freedom on the Open Ocean)
  • April 9th (LUA Podcast #29: A Super Special Interview with Ben Stone, The Bad Quaker)
  • April 16th (LUA Podcast #30: Get to Know Liberty Under Attack – Jason Interviews Shane)
  • April 23rd (LUA Podcast #31: Find Freedom NOW Using Direct Action)
  • April 30th (LUA Podcast #32: Manifesto of the Free Humans – An Interview with Derrick Broze)

May Archives (5 podcasts)

  • May 6th (Bonus Episode: It’s Dangerous to Be An Anarchist)
  • May 7th (LUA Podcast #33: Are Private Cities & Seasteading the Future? with Regan Keely)
  • May 14th (LUA Podcast #34: Remembering the Victims of Communism with Kal Molinet)
  • May 21st (LUA Podcast #35: Podcast Analysis: Word Choices and (Lost?) Opportunities to Connect with Darrell Becker)
  • May 28th (LUA Podcast #36: The Market Prevails – Subverting the State’s Attempts at Regulating Gun Ownership)

June Archives (4 podcasts)

  • June 4th (LUA Podcast #37: Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain Tech – Paths to Authoritarianism)
  • June 11th (LUA Podcast #38: The Marinea Project – A Village at Sea with Bob Llewellyn)
  • June 18th (LUA Podcast #39: Who is Jason Paradise? And More Commie Bashing)
  • June 25th (LUA Podcast #40: “Konkin Was More Rothbardian Than Rothbard” with Wally Conger)

July Archives (5 podcasts)

  • July 2nd (LUA Podcast #41: Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest Wrap-Up & Off-Griid Yaksteading with Nick Hazelton)
  • July 9th (LUA Podcast #42: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom)
  • July 16th (LUA Podcast #43: VonuLife, March 1973 – An Overview & a Sneak Peek)
  • July 23rd (LUA Podcast #44: “Sovereign Citizens” Are Infiltrating Anarchist Circles)
  • July 30th (LUA Podcast #45: Fee Simple v. Allodial Title – The State is Your Landlord)

August Archives (4 podcasts)

  • August 6th (LUA Podcast #46: Hardware Hacking with Jamin Biconik)
  • August 13th (LUA Podcast #47: Ethical Land Use? with Kyle Rearden)
  • August 20th (LUA Podcast #48: How to Start Your Own Country? A Book Review)
  • August 27th (LUA Podcast #49: Exorcising Those Collectivist Spooks: A Brief History & The Practicality of Vonu)

September Archives (4 podcasts)

  • September 3rd (LUA Podcast #50: Freedom Through a Lifestyle Business with Kevin Geary)
  • September 10th (LUA Podcast #51: Against Social Reformism)
  • September 17th (LUA Podcast #52: Seasteading, Prepping, & Survivalism – Shane on the Moment of Rage Podcast)
  • September 24th (LUA Podcast #53: Black Market Botany with Jason Paradise)

October Archives (5 podcasts)

  • October 1st (LUA Podcast #54: The Philosophic Corruption of Physics, 1 of 2, with Darrell Becker)
  • October 8th (LUA Podcast #55: An Introduction to the Electric Universe, 2 of 2, with Darrell Becker)
  • October 15th (LUA Podcast #56: The Electric Universe with Wal Thornhill)
  • October 22nd (LUA Podcast #57: Anarchist Vigilantes: An Idea For Real Justice w/ Kyle Rearden)
  • October 29th (LUA Podcast #58: Anarchist Vigilantes, Assassination Politics, & Avenging Angels w/ Kyle Rearden)

November Archives (3 podcasts)

  • November 5th (LUA Podcast #59: Crypto-Anarchism & Permaculture – The Path to Freedom w/ Jamin Biconik)
  • November 12th (LUA Podcast #60: An Armistice Day Discussion w/ Aaron Thompson)
  • November 19th (LUA Podcast #61: The Bible Not Religion, But Natural Law? A Critique of UnSpun Podcast #92)
  • November 26th (NONE, Happy Holidays!)

December Archives (5 podcasts)

  • December 3rd (LUA Podcast #62: A Military Veteran’s Journey to Anarchism and a Law Degree w/ Andrei Chira)
  • December 10th (LUA Podcast #63: The Antiwar Rayo)
  • December 17th (LUA Podcast #64: The Biggest Mass Murderer in the World Tells You Kratom is Bad, M’Kay)
  • December 24th (LUA Podcast #65: Building The Second Realm #1 – A Vonu Life w/ Jamin Biconik)
  • December 31st (LUA Podcast #66: Building The Second Realm #2 – Constructing The Internal Foundation w/ Regan Keely)


January Archives (4 podcasts)

  • January 7th (LUA Podcast #67: Building The Second Realm #3 – Putting Bludgies Six Feet Under w/ Ben Stone & Jason Boothe)
  • January 14th (LUA Podcast #68: Building The Second Realm #4 – The Philosophy of The First Realm)
  • January 21st (LUA Podcast #69: Building The Second Realm #5 – The Philosophy and Culture of The Second Realm)
  • January 28th (LUA Podcast #70: Building The Second Realm #6 – The Second Realm, Vonu, & Agorism – Compared and Contrasted)

February Archives (6 podcasts)

  • February 4th (LUA Podcast #71: War Is Mass Murder w/ Scott Horton)
  • February 9th (LUA Podcast #72: Interview with Chef Khemuel Sanders – Feeding The Homeless? Here, Have a Police Raid)
  • February 11th (LUA Podcast #73: LUA 3 Year Anniversary Special w/ Louie Bee and the Jason’s)
  • February 11th (LUA Podcast #74: A Lodging of Wayfaring Crypto-Anarchists w/ Paul Rosenberg)
  • February 18th (LUA Podcast #75: The First Realm – Are Cops Constitutional? By Roger Roots)
  • February 25th (LUA Podcast #76: Building The Second Realm #7 – Temporary and Permanent Autonomous Zones (1 of 2))

March Archives (3 podcasts)

  • March 4th (LUA Podcast #77: Building The Second Realm #8 – Temporary and Permanent Autonomous Zones (2 of 2))
  • March 11th (LUA Podcast #78: Building The Second Realm #9 – Autonomy and Peace, Second Realm Foundations)
  • March 18th (LUA Podcast #79: Building The Second Realm #10 – Proxy Merchants – Facilitating Interaction Between The Two Realms)
  • March 20th (Supplemental Podcast: Debate – Adam Kokesh vs. Graham Smith on the Efficacy and Ethics of Political Crusading
  • March 25th (LUA Podcast #80: Building The Second Realm #11: Lessons From Organized Crime)

April Archives (5 podcasts)

  • April 1st (LUA Podcast #81: Building The Second Realm #12: The Importance of Tradecraft)
  • April 8th (LUA Podcast #82: Building The Second Realm #13: The Blessings of Technology)
  • April 15th (LUA Podcast #83: Building The Second Realm #14: Next Steps)
  • April 22nd (LUA Podcast #84: Building The Second Realm #15: Next Steps (Redux))
  • April 29th (LUA Podcast #85: Building The Second Realm #16: #Agora and Conclusion)

May Archives (4 podcasts)

  • May 6th (LUA Podcast #86: Was Jesus an Anarchist? And More with Paul Rosenberg)
  • May 13th (LUA Podcast #87: Badmirror.TV – A Tool for Networking Locally)
  • May 20th (LUA Podcast #88: Courage and Critical Thinking – Missing Links with Robert Bruce)
  • May 27th (LUA Podcast #89: Free Market Metal with Jordan Ibarra of Aristeia)

June Archives (3 podcasts)

  • June 3rd (LUA Podcast #90: Mapping The Second Realm with JoeSal and Kyle Rearden)
  • June 10th (LUA Podcast #91: Blooded The Brave/Kyle Reese)
  • June 17th (LUA Podcast #92: Academic Crypto with Demelza Hays)
  • June 24th (No Podcast)

July Archives

  • July 1st (LUA Podcast #93: Shane’s World – Live from The Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest)
  • July 8th (LUA Podcast #94: Prof. CJ, Randy England, and More – Live From The Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest)
  • July 15th (LUA Podcast #95: The Second Realm and Autonomous Zones with Jeremy Henggeler – Live from Ben Stone’s)
  • July 22nd (LUA Podcast #96:
  • July 29th (LUA Podcast #97:


Guest Appearances

05.07.2015: Shane on Waking up the Masses w/ Robert Bruce
09.03.2015: Shane on Waking up the Masses w/ Robert Bruce
10.10.2015: Shane on Crotch Shot Radio w/ Louie Bee
10.23.2015: Shane on Disassociation Nation w/ Nick & Paul
11.3.2015: Shane on Waking up the Masses w/ Robert Bruce
11.25.2015: Shane on Waking up the Masses w/ Robert Bruce
1.5.2016: Shane on Crotch Shot Radio w/ Louie Bee & Kyle Rearden
2.12.2016: Shane on Crotch Shot Radio w/ Louie Bee & Kyle Rearden
2.17.2016: Shane on the Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast w/ Nick Hazelton
2.19.2016: Shane Co-Hosts on Disassociation Nation w/ Niz
4.27.2016: Shane on the Scritch Show Podcast w/ Chris Jantzen
9.27.16: Shane on the Anarchy Roundtable (Recorded at the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest)
9.29.2016: Shane on the Freedom Feens
10.13.16: Shane on the Freedom Feens
11.27.16: Shane on the Liberty Lampoon Podcast
12.22.16: Shane on the Seeds of Liberty Podcast