James Corbett Speaks with Liberty Under Attack


This past Monday, I had the pleasure of pre-recording an interview with James Corbett, from CorbettReport.com. I’ve been aware of him for a couple of years now, and his work within investigative journalism is known to most in the alternative media, whether they be anarchists, conspiracists, or your garden variety minarchists. That being said, I was still amazed by his knowledge, his articulation, and his ability to adapt to my (so I’ve been told) unique style of interviewing.

In the interview, we discussed his work, his path to anarchism, the failed and useless political means, agorism, consistency in living the twin axioms, libertarianism in Japan, and global warming.

Make sure to tune-in to Liberty Under Attack Radio this Sunday, December 20th, at 6pm CST to catch the release of this interview, available exclusively at FPRNradio.com.