You post a status on Facistbook, just as you typically do. This one is hardly different than any of others–it’s simply another one pointing out the blatant contrast between the political and economic means–in other words, the parasites vs. the producers.

This couldn’t possibly land you in a jail cell, right?

Through a series of unfortunate events, yes it can certainly lead to that.

In this bonus episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Shane and Jason briefly summarize the events leading up to Jeremy Henggeler’s arrest and release, discuss the seemingly non-existent options available to him, and reaffirm that it is truly dangerous to be an anarchist in a statist world.

It’s worth noting that we are only working off of what is public knowledge–there may be some details that are unavailable, which could swing things more in his favor. Although, still, that is no reason to be optimistic when entering the government courts.

Show Notes:
Jeremy defends his Facebook post on the Freedom Feens

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