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Here at Liberty Under Attack Publications, we’re always looking for great books/audiobooks to add to our catalog. We also have a passion for helping authors navigate the difficult process of publishing – we can assist with every step.

We can also assist journalists and writers in getting their articles ready for publication.

Please view the tiers below for an explanation of services, pricing, and potential discounts.

Tier 1: Read and Review

We edit/proofread your manuscript (or article!) and get it into tip-top shape. We’ll look for surface errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and make changes/suggestions to improve it.

Word Count (~500 words/page) Price
2,500 or below $25
2,501-10,000 $30-50
10,001-20,000 $75-200
20,001-50,000 $200-400
50,001-100,000 $400-800
100,001-200,000 $800-1200
200,000 or above Contact us for a quote.

Tier 2: Publish and Market

We’ll get your book ready for paperback and Kindle format and help you connect to our large network to reach new readers. Your book will be placed on the LUA Publications store, your book will be in our catalog which is included in every book we sell, and we’ll have you on The Vonu Podcast to talk about your book*.

Kindle Format $150
Paperback Format $150
Book Cover $125
30 Second Video Ad $300
All of the Above $725-$600

*This applies to books related to subjects covered on The Vonu Podcast.

Tier 3: Audiobook Production

Our services also include full audiobook production. We have narrators and audio engineers on hand to get your book in audio format on Amazon, iTunes, and other platforms. This last step is a must or you’re leaving money on the table and new readers behind.

Service Price
Audiobook Narration $50 per hour of  audio
Audiobook Post-Production $50 per hour of audio
Submitting Audiobook to Amazon, etc. $100

Tier 4: Full Service

We would love to help you through the entirety of the publishing process (Tiers 1-3 above). If you decide to do so, we will knock 15% off your total bill!

Interested? Contact us to schedule a free strategy call: [email protected].