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This past weekend, I was down in Southern Illinois celebrating Possumfest, a 25+ year get together. At this event, the attendees ride four-wheelers, consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol, and enjoy a weekend without government intervention. In the event’s honor, Stan, Matt, and myself (Shane), spent the evening putting together memes for our audience to enjoy, while at the same time dispelling the myth of “authority”, and statism in general.

Below is a picture taken at last year’s event and the images following are the collection of memes made by your humble hosts.


Anarcho-possum laughs in the face of danger.

anarcho-possum chaos

Anarcho-possum is sick of your statism.

anarchopossum meme

Anarcho-possum heads to Agora Valley.

anarchopossum meme2

Anarcho-possum thinks your statism is insane.

anarchopossum meme3

Anarcho-possum calls out Karl Marx’s bullshit.


Anarcho-possum has you surrounded from the inside.

AP Caged

Anarcho-possum realizes that statists don’t want to be free.

AP Debate

Keep anarcho-possum away from your girlfriends/wives… He’s liable to steal them.

AP Girls

Anarcho-possum is always ready…

AP winter

Anarcho-possum is dead. Murdered by government.

Possum Democide

Anarcho-possum vs. THE COON: Who do you think would win?

possum vs. coon


Anarcho-possum calls out your nonsensical elections.

possum elections